HRIMIS for East Sepik Provincial Administration

HRIMIS for East Sepik Provincial Administration

Dakoii Systems is proud to announce that, the East Sepik Provincial Administration (ESPA) as of May, 2020, is one of the Provincial Administrations in Papua New Guinea to make the move to take the lead to Digitalize its human resource practices and database information system.

Dakoii Micro Systems has successfully build and completed the first components of new online Human Resource Integrated Management Information System (HRIMIS) for the East Sepik Provincial Administration.

The system was built, guided by the Papua New Guinea Public Service General Orders and the HR Business Processes.

The first components built into the system are as follows:

  • Employee files and records management system – manages all the records and details of all the public servants in the East Sepik Provincial Administration, from the Provincial Administrator to the Janitor at the most remotest Local Level Government Office (LLG) in the province. These information can be generated to produced important HR reports like Learning & Development Plans for the Public Servants.
  • Organizational Structure – the full organizational structure is loaded into the database which clearly layout the full organizational structure of the Province.
  • Positions  – all the positions in the ESPA Organizational Structure is loaded into the system so the system can easily identify the bearer of the position
  • Pay slips – The Public Service Pay slips produced by the Government Alesco Payroll System is automatically distributed to each Public Servant and can be access from a mobile phone by each Public Servants for free through his/her personal profile. The fun part is; the Salary Officer will upload the Public Service Pay slip file into the HRIMIS only 26 times in 1 year.
  • Public Servants personal profile – each public servant has a personal profile created which only he/she has the access to it. All the HR related information can be access via the personal profile. Public Servants under the East Sepik Provincial Administration can access their personal profiles using any smart phones as long as they know their password.

Other components are on hold, due to delay in the full payment of the system. Some of the delayed components are like:

  • Leave – Public Servants online leave applications and processing system
  • Performance Management – Public Servants electronic performance management system
  • Integration of other sectors of the Human Resource Division
  • Other automatable HR requirements
  • And others

As of now, HRIMIS is eliminating the reason for public servants to travel all the way to the Provincial Headquarters just to get their pay slips and leave information. At the completion of this project, all the HR Division’s information and processes will be accessible to the Public Servants on their finger tips.

Dakoii Systems would like to thank Mr. Alphonse Kami (Acting Executive Manager – Human Resource Division, ESPA) and Mr. Freddy Kupiau (Acting Director – Learning and Development Unit, ESPA ), under the leadership of Dr. Clement Malau (Provincial Administrator – ESPA) for having the confidence and engaging a local ICT company Dakoii Systems to build the HRIMIS database system for the East Sepik Provincial Administration. Dakoii Systems is ready to work along with other Divisions in the East Sepik Provincial Administration and to complete the HRIMIS project.

Dakoii Systems is also open to work with any other Provincial Administrations in Papua New Guinea, who has the vision to transform their HR Divisions and Digitalizing them. Fore more information, you can visit our website at

The East Sepik Human Resources Division is asking all the Public Servants in East Sepik Provincial Administration to login into their personal profiles via this web address  and identify information that are missing and provide those information to the HR Division, ESPA. Public Servants who has not received his/her password should consult the HR Division, ESPA and get the credentials. No fees are charged.